1. breathedthroughsilver:

    made a thing. too big to scan so cell phone pic it is !

    trying to do a series where I redesign the covers of my favorite books. considering taking this to a shop and having prints made for an art festival but I’m not sure it’s a strong enough design

    watercolors and too much time

    bleep bloop


  2. random doodle from my sketchbook, done in colorado
    this girl likes space and stuff 


  3. the loving spaceman
    cover of the birthday card I made for my brother :)


  4. this was a really quick doodle (like ~15min) from in between classes the other day 

    it’s like business-card sized and I made it because I wanted to give it to someone who looked SUPER AWESOME and I saw a bunch of potential candidates but I chickened out 

    s i g h


  5. my design for a brain scoop t-shirt! :D
    definitely can’t hold up to the amazing submissions I’ve seen, but ‘the brain scoop’ is just such a gem - I had to make some fan art :)

    design by: elizabeth hashem


  6. my submission for neil gaiman’s “A Calendar of Tales” project
    the story I chose to illustrate was for the month of august.  I did this rather quickly today as the deadline is tomorrow - given more time I would have changed a few things. 
    mostly, I like the rocks

    watercolor and ink 


  7. wandering, but not lost 


  8. happy belated valentine’s, tumblr
    angler fish’o’love


  9. sushi cat and wasabi friend 


  10. wise words from my main man, ray.

    unfortunately I am not in possession of a decent scanner or proper editing software so it sort of looks sad and is oddly cropped. wah wah